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visiting seattle/tastyshows with san francisco dj lewis 1997
late night house parties new orleans 1995


Just some guy from Atlanta who now lives in San Francisco and has been able to live, travel and experience and work in techno music club scenes across the United States over the years.  

Atlanta Chicago NYC Seattle Los Angeles New Orleans San Francisco 

Also love exploring experiencing clubs and meeting people in Europe too. 

Amsterdam Antwerp London Lisbon Berlin Warsaw 

Captivated by so many more places I have not been able to visit. 

Istanbul Beirut Tokyo Melbourne Cape Town Rio de Janeiro  

photos of some of these cities, events & nightclubs  here 


What do I use to make music?  

Some equipment I have used over the years include:  

Roland 808, Roland 303 Groovebox, Kurzweil K2000R Sampler, and the very first equipment I bought when I was 19 years old was the Boss 660 Dr Rhythm drum machine. 

Everything used to need to be saved using DAT format but every DAT i had archived was easily lost forever after a storage space flooded while back in Atlanta for few months in 2001. When it became as simple as saving music online the risk of that ever happening again diminished.

From 2006 I started using MacBooks and then iPads and various software DAWs, virtual instruments.

And now even iPhone equivalents, certainly helpful for saving an idea, sample, lyric or beat on the go.

Enjoy acoustic guitars, bass and really enjoy lute instruments of middle eastern origin. I have recorded some of these instruments on some of my music and use as my synthesized sounds often.

studio 54 of the south. always open 24 hours backstreet atlanta 4am summer 1993
home when in amsterdam
home when in amsterdam


Personal experiences over past 30 years in nightclubs & music  

Been involved with nightclubs, venues and event production, promotion, etc. Starting in Atlanta then soon after Chicago in the early 90's. Then for years in New Orleans scene and then arriving in San Francisco in 1998.  

San Francisco had the best nightlife in United States outside New York City and Chicago at that time. From legendary 30+ year old hotspot The Endup to mega clubs like Josh Wink's Club DV8 to Club Universe and Pleasure Dome and an ample amount of after hour warehouse party spaces. There were great little labels putting out distinctly San Francisco Deep House and Disco Revival paving the way for artists like Daft Punk. I quickly found myself assisting promoters with weekly events like Lift at Club DV8 and Breath Deep at 1015 Folsom.

I also at this time had been traveling overseas to London, Antwerp and Amsterdam and immersing myself as much as I could in the intense Amsterdam nightlife. Life changing experiences that had me return twice more over next few years.

On a return flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco I had a connecting flight in Seattle and decided to stay in Seattle a few days and see what I would find in this remote corner of the Pacific Northwest of the US.

I had no clue I would soon discover a group of amazing, creative and talented collective of dj's, producers, record labels, promoters and fashion startup were fast becoming the most successful club promoters in all the United States.

This was Tasty Shows and I was lucky enough to make great connections with Brian who was main promoter/organizer/business contact for all the events, concerts and venues Tasty Shows events in Seattle/Vancouver area. Also from Tasty Shows was Dj Nasir who was embracing that new genre Drum & Bass and ran his own record label producing Tasty Shows dj's and artists.

The scene in Seattle was so energized, creative, current as well as successful that I was really inspired. I returned to San Francisco and shared my new connections with couple of close dj's and friends in the scene and in no time we were making plans to head back up to Seattle to collaborate and I got Dj Lewis to even do an impromptu set at Electrolux Lo-Fi Lounge late one night. The energy in that place was about to explode it was so intense. Seattle really got it right and the key was being supportive of each other in the scene which I rarely ever would see in the San Francisco scene.

Still I wanted to bring some of that energy down to SF so I soon ventured out on my own with an event at Transmission Theater in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco that I called Chrome. I wanted to promote that genre gaining momentum at the time, Drum & Bass, along with edgy techno and deep house. I later asked Dj Nasir from Tasty Shows to help and he was there within 48 hours to try and get the event going. Tasty Shows would later end up landing a multi million dollar venue to be the flagship of Tasty Shows productions called "Atmos" financed by SubPOP records.

Hope to be able to have full studio again someday.

Solo venture for the most part so far but would love to work with other musicians, technicians, lyricists on the regular sometime in the future..

Not all tracks are finished. Tracks that have been mastered are listed with a (M). For best sound use headphones. 

Music styles: #techno #micro house #minimal #edgy #deep bass beats #industrial #alternative hip hop.